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Chris Hatch holds the title Partner @ LP
Chris Hatch is the Manager of the Salt Lake City Legend Partners' office and is proud to be a third-generation real estate professional. He started his real estate career learning under the tutelage of his father and grandfather. After several years of establishing his base knowledge in real estate, Chris joined Professional Brokers, a Salt Lake-based retail brokerage office in 2002. At Professional Brokers Chris was an active commercial sales and leasing agent and helped with the acquisition and disposition of a number of buildings as well as assisting a handful of retailers with expansions throughout the Intermountain Area. After his experience there, Chris returned to his family’s development company where he helped to initiate several new projects. In 2006, Chris created a partnership with Jake Olson creating a boutique retail brokerage shop, IRG Retail. Chris holds active real estate brokers licenses in Utah, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho. He is an active member of ICSC. He assisted with helping to get the Utah Next Generation program started and recently completed a four-year term as the ICSC Government Relations Chair for Utah. He is currently serving as a member of the economic committee for ICSC’s Government Relations Group. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt and fish. Chris’ real estate career has focused on creating the right opportunities for his clients. Over the years he has worked with developers, architects, engineers, city officials, banks, property owners, and many local and national retailers. He has learned the crucial role of communication between all parties during the acquisition, disposition, development, and leasing processes. believes clear and timely communication is essential in maintaining an effective working relationship with clients.

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Chris Hatch

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Since we promised to ‘put you on the map’ in 2000, we have grown five-fold, including opening an office in Salt Lake City, attracting a team of some of the most accomplished retail real estate professionals in The Rocky Mountain Region. From retail and restaurant leasing, development, and investment, Legend Partners serves as your guide.
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