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Doug Dautel holds the title Location Intelligence Specialist @ LP
Doug is a seasoned professional in the field of Commercial Real Estate, with an impressive career spanning since 1998. Throughout his journey, he has honed his expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Graphic Design, enabling him to redefine market and site analysis within the Utah Commercial Real Estate industry. By leveraging advanced techniques, Doug has empowered his clients to visualize their competition and comprehend demographic trends, thereby streamlining the decision-making process like never before. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, emphasizing GIS, from the University of Utah, Doug possesses the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to deliver exceptional services to our esteemed clientele. Throughout his career, Doug has consistently achieved outstanding results for a diverse range of clients, including brands such as Papa John’s, Master AutoTech, Preloved, and First Watch. One of his notable strengths lies in his ability to skillfully guide clients through modern site selection and suitability processes. Motivated by a genuine passion for his work, Doug has developed a habit of staying ahead of the curve, continuously immersing himself in the latest technologies. As a result, he has earned a stellar reputation for delivering accurate and timely information. His unmatched skills and extensive knowledge make him an invaluable asset to our team. In summary, Doug is an accomplished professional who brings an unmatched level of expertise to the realm of Commercial Real Estate. With a proven track record of success, a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and a dedication to delivering unparalleled service, Doug is poised to continue making significant contributions to the industry.

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Doug Dautel

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