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Heather Bogden

• Raised an amazing daughter Emilee 1994-Present
• ICSC Government Relations Chair 2014-2018
• ICSC Utah Planning Committee 2013-Present
• CREW Utah Philanthropic Board Chair 2012-2015
• Nominee for CCIM Retail Broker of the Year 2013
• Level I and II John Riordan Institute Retail Leasing
• Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year
• Disney Teacher of the Year Nominee 2 Years
• CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Member
• Annual Participant in CCIM and NAIOP symposiums
• Graduated Magna Cum Laude Westminster College
• First Female President of Westminster College Student Education Association
• ICSC Member Since 2007
Congratulations on reading all the bullet points!

It is rare for me to be afraid. But I am. Afraid of writing another snoozer bio explaining how I am a master of negotiations, expert at marketing properties, I am seasoned when it comes to site selection, I have ability to focus, strategize etc….. So, against my PR department’s advice, here is a little about me.

I grew up riding horses and had an older brother that picked on me daily. These contributed to my grit and work ethic. I was surrounded by cowboys and cowgirls that all wore the same jeans, listened to the same country music, went to the same school, wore the same horse club jackets, all of them concerned about fitting in. Enter me- Heather…. I listened to alternative music, went to a “rocker” high school, wore a signature glove like Michael Jackson when I raced barrels, and had haircuts inspired by David Bowie. I was considered a rebel but was comfortable in my skin.

I grew up and out of the horse zone but continued my path of being open minded, forward thinking, hungry for learning and meeting people. Back then it was being a rebel. Today it’s the norm. These traits lead me to my first career in elementary education. I spent twenty years in the elementary school field first as an interpreter for the deaf and then an elementary teacher. I’m asked if I miss teaching by many people. Absolutely! Children are fearless, good energy, and are inherently good humans.

Fast forward to my real estate career. My father was in commercial real estate, so I heard about it over years of family dinners. I never considered the field until I became disenchanted with the school system caring more about passing a test, than the individual child.

It dawned on me that I could still work with immature people that often don’t listen. Brokerage! To be honest, that joke came to me several years into my career.

95.2% of the time I adore my job and enjoy the adventure of a rollercoaster ride every day. I respect those with an entrepreneurial spirit. I thrive on meeting the diverse people with moxy in the CRE industry. Regardless of the role one plays, if you are in CRE you are a rare breed. This line of work is not for the faint of heart or those that have stress induced acid reflux.
My good fortune is working with fantastic people in the CRE community. I am always looking to meet new people, make new friends, explore and create new opportunities.

Be kind to each other-
Heather Bogden

Favorite Quote: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy